'Chabatz d'entrar...
Occitan language quizz

What do you know about the Occitan language ?

1. Is occitan a patois ? FALSE    TRUE
2. Is Occitan distorted French ?
3. Is Occitan a real language different from French ? FALSE TRUE
4. Is Occitan a Romance language like Spanish, Romanian, Catalan, French, Italian ? FALSE TRUE
5. Only a few old people speak it ...  FALSE TRUE
6. About 2 million people speak Occitan, about 8 million understand it ... FALSE TRUE
7. They don't speak real Occitan in Charente Limousine ... FALSE TRUE
8. Occitan can be written ...  FALSE TRUE
9. There have been Occitan writers for 1,000 years ... FALSE TRUE
10. The vast majority of people only spoke Occitan, in the Confolens region, 80 years ago FALSE TRUE
11. Occitan is spoken from Champagne-Mouton to Nice (about 34 'departements'), a few alpine valleys in Italy and the Val d'Aran in the Spanish state ... FALSE TRUE
12. Occitan is studied in American, German, Japanese universities ... FALSE  TRUE
13. One should be ashamed of speaking Occitan ... FALSE TRUE
14. A few years ago, children who spoke Occitan in the school were punished ... FALSE TRUE
15. One should be proud of speaking Occitan, of learning how to speak it, to write it because the Occitan language must not die ...  FALSE  TRUE



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